A short post in an age of isolation

Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

A time of distance
greater than before
perhaps I’ll take this space
and endear to a practice
of the old days
a time when time
and distance
to send only a few words
or perhaps longer
a postcard
or a bundle of
for the loneliness
felt from being afar
perhaps we can be closer
the smooth texture
of a card
that quips a bright hello
or these rough pages
of scratchy handwritings
that confesses so much more
maybe we can find
a kind of warmth
only found in something
that can be felt


when was the last time we touch
can I say I miss you
or will we be in touch
soon enough

Sent you a little postcard, remember me sometime?



Siti Nabihah

Writes for sanity, doodles for clarity. Maybe, maybe not. Just a tad poetic about life.